The Top 7 Netflix Shows You Just Have To See

Netflix has gobbled up loads of TV shows recently and produced some of its own stunning series. You may be expecting the obvious choices like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Stranger Things and the like, however, these are the 7 shows that have really stood out for me in the last few years, either through not having any hype, or just stumbling across them, or having something so unique that it makes it a must-see. I hope you take some inspiration and give some of these a go!


Loosely based on a comic of the same name, the show follows Liv Moore (aptly named) and her transformation into a zombie and how she puts her “abilities” to good use. I’ve tried explaining how her abilities work and no matter how hard I try, I struggle to sell the show in the way it deserves. Everyone who has taken the plunge to watch it have ended up binge watching all the available episodes and come back for more Liv Moore. The show has also given me so many great conversations with my friends about its direction, writing, comedy and sometimes morality. A great story, brilliantly written and an awesome cast make this one of my favourite shows of the last couple of years.



What can I say about Friends?? I just hope all the millennial souls out there looking for some excellent downtime TV to watch give this classic a chance. Watching through all 10 seasons a second time has been an absolute blast, still laughing at Joey’s cringe worthy pick up techniques, Ross’s dour demeanour with his exaggerated body movements and Monica’s OTT-ness with… everything. I just love it. Yes it’s 20+ years old now and there are some continuation and editing gaffes but all are totally forgivable thanks to the amazing writing and character development on display here. A show everybody should watch through in their lifetime.


Jessica Jones

So this was a show that I didn’t particularly want to watch, but it formed part of the Marvel Universe so I added it to my list with no particular rush to watch it. It was actually the last Marvel series that I got round to watching. It was also my favourite by far. Krysten Ritter is excellent as JJ and the writing must be applauded here. The reason that I was so hooked though was how dark this show was, especially for Marvel. In my opinion, they introduced the best villain of any TV show I can recall watching, Kilgrave, played by the ever-so-fantastic David Tennant. I mean this guy has a power that forms my deepest fear, losing free will. Kilgrave has the ability to make anyone do anything he says, now imagine you pissed him off and he tells you to “go fuck yourself.” Don’t be afraid to get stuck in to this one, it’s a journey worth embarking on.


Master of none

Initially, I thought this show seemed to fill a position of the ‘easy-watching’ TV that you’ve seen from the likes of ‘New Girl’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’. However, it soon becomes clear that themes throughout the show are modern, relatable and believable, and are delivered with a delicate and well constructed script. Along with a superbly diverse and interesting cast, the camera work is well utilised and shots are easy on the eye. The charming nature of the show keeps you engaged enough that you want to keep watching, though not so much that you are constantly rewinding if you’ve missed the odd line. A very ‘subtle and calm’ show for those who want to wind down after a hard week.


Dirk Gently

How would somebody describe Dirk Gently? Here goes… I think the writers may have been super high to write this, you have no idea what’s going on and it’s a beautiful form of escapism. What’s amazing about this show is that nothing makes sense, and then all of a sudden, everything does. It’s brilliantly cast, visually top notch and I just love Bart! If ever you wanted a “WTF did I just watch” experience mixed with “I gotta watch one more before bed even though it’s past midnight” then this is the show for you. Trust me, you will be glad you “did it”



From the opening scene I knew that this show would bring something special to the table, and it has. Comprised of some of the best acting I’ve seen in a long time, with very realistic and believable characters throughout the show, each episode leaves you craving more. As the more dark and disturbing plots unfold, it is obvious you know you’re in for a very exciting and captivating experience, which is so dramatically delivered to the audience. Outstanding acting from the entire cast and a beautifully written, down right gritty script isn’t the only thing that ‘Luther’ is comprised of however, the music throughout the whole thing has been something incredible to hear. Not a fan of cop dramas but definitely a fan of Luther.



I didn’t know what to expect, hell I didn’t even know what it was. Stands for Glamorous Women Of Wrestling. Yeah I thought it sounded bad too. I have to be honest here, I was completely hooked from episode 1, my partner and me binge watched the entire first season, it is that good! Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin are insanely good and their rivalry is so believable and prominent that you genuinely feel for both of them, for different reasons, a real sign of quality writing. I’m sure you’ve seen it pop up on your Netflix home screen and not paid any attention, well listen up, pay attention, watch the first episode and enjoy 😉



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