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What has happened to the X-Men?

With so much happening in the Marvel universe like me you might be wondering what is happening in the Mutant world?

Well it appears that 20th century fox will be releasing Dark Phoenix in February 2019.

Yes I know this was covered in the third film but appears that Future Past has wiped the Last Stand out and the Dark Phoenix has not happened.

As I was disappointed with Last Stand I feel that a remake can not be a bad thing. But as with all the X-Men films I reserve judgement until I have seen them!

This film is set ten years after Apocalypse and while the X-Men are in space a solar flare effects Phoenix and the Dark Phoenix is born. This sounds good and is said to the first of a trilogy.

The cast from Apocalypse returns and as I enjoyed it this should make for a good film.

In short I eagerly await this film!

Article by Christian Boustead


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