Another 3 Avatar movies

Director James Cameron the mastermind behind Aliens, Terminator, Terminator 2, Titanic and of course Avatar is making another 3 Avatar movies.  Apparently he is making them all at once, like Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Cameron is no stranger to sequels he made 2 of the best ones I have ever seen.  Terminator 2 and aliens.  Although in many ways aliens was more like a reboot.

I loved Avatar like most of his films.  Loved the cultural and environmental issues that were raised.  Hope these are also brought up in the other movies.

The Whispers on the grape vine is that he is using the same characters and actors.  Which dose not suprise me because he’s done this before.  I approve when you see an actor play character they become that character in your mind and its just not the same when someone else does it.

Hope the stories are gripping.  Not just more of the same of the first movie. Let’s see if they as good as his other sequels, we will just have to wait and see??

Article written by Adam Boustead


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