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It was released on 24 May 2016 and was directed by Dunkun Jones (moon 2009 and sorce code 2011) and was produced by Charles Roaburns (the dark knight trilogy and suicide squad).  It was written by Charles Leavits (Blood Diamond), and the film was based on the game developed by blizzard entertainment.

The film is loosely based on blizzard entertainment video game of the same name.

The film opens with a VoiceOver by the Orc Diriton played by Toney Kebble (Doctor Doom fantastic four 2015), telling us that the world was not always this way against a backdrop of a Orc and human worrier facing off across a wasteland. The film reveals that Diritons world (Dreaner), has been deverstated by a unknown force called Fell magic and Diriton and his followers are part of a force that is to travel through a portal to Azarath where Gul dan (Danniel Whue divergents 2004) a sorcerer will use fel magic to drain humans of their lives to fuel the great gate and summon the rest of the orcs. The humans led by the soldier Anduen (Travice Fimel (Renwar Lofbrock Vikings 2013-17) must discover this plan and stop it befor Gul dan sacrifices them and summons the hoard.

As I say the film was better than I was expecting! The orcs were not evil monsters but a war like people who had honour and a sense of tradition. This is demonstrated be the half Orc Gorana (Paula Paten mission impossible ghost protocol 2011) who insists that orcs are honourable and would never lay a trap. I felt Garona was the most interesting character being half Orc and half human she does not know where to stand. Paten seems to express this confusion while still expressing a inner strength.

I hope there is a follow up film.

Total score 7/10

Review written by Christian Boustead


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